How Soberlife.Me Works

Soberlife.Me was created by people like us that had trouble staying sober and wanted more from life. Our 340 years of continual sobriety have shown us how.

We all know what it's like to relapse and stay miserable trying.  We also know the pain, shame, and struggle of being an addict and/or alcoholic, but not have a program for living your life and getting well.

We also know getting and staying recovered is different for everyone - and the journey can be unsettling, uncertain, and full of fear and anxiety.

At Soberlife.Me

we create winning sober habits and routines that get real results, help you heal your past, and reward you with learning how to live sober with true happiness, success and wellbeing. 

We help you reframe your recovery with a proven blueprint to get you the results you want without having to drown your unmanageable feelings and learning how to build strong emotional intelligence, better mental health, connection and relationships to end your loneliness and social isolation, create winning self-confidence and self-image and self-worth, and show you how to love yourself, while finding a greater love with those that matter.

 All Soberlife.Me programsuse a proven mix of life skills,  education, support, and loving, supportive community to help you build an unbreakable substance-free lifestyle with true freedom of choice.

Recovery & Accountability Coaching,Therapy, & Life Skills Academy


Our goal is to give you the education, resources, and guided support you need to quit Drinking and Drugging and stay clean and sober for life.

After enrolling in membership, we give you a detailed overview on Drugs and Alcohol addiction: what it is, and the neuroscience behind it.

We’ll also work through different ways to break the cycle of addiction through forming new, healthy rituals to replace Drinking and Drugging and tips for how to manage Drugs and Alcohol cravings.

We’ll also work with you to build your own sobriety toolbox full of healthy coping mechanisms so you can relax, de-stress, and unwind without picking-up.


When you’re trying to quit Drinking and Drugging, being around others who understand what you’re going through can be a game-changer.

That’s why the folks on our Care Team all have firsthand experience with quitting Drinking and Drugging, and they’re here to help you get the most out of your membership. 

Our Care Team creates the lesson content you’ll see throughout our membership platform, and they work together with our guest instructors to bring you live workshops and videos on a range of helpful topics.

You’ll also get to know our Recovery Coaches and Counselors Coaches and Counselors—they run our daily support group calls, they moderate our online community, and they can help answer any questions you have about our workshops and lessons.

They’re also available for one-on-one coaching support (more details below).


It’s so important to have a positive support network when you decide to quit Drinking and Drugging.

That’s why Soberlife.Me’s community is a place where you can learn, process, and discuss alongside other folks who are changing their relationship with Drugs and Alcohol.

Our Recovery Coaches and Counselors Coaches and Counselors facilitate all individual and group therapy calls every week.

These calls are a welcoming space to process and share your thoughts, emotions, and experiences relating to quitting Drinking and Drugging.

You can celebrate your successes and personal milestones, share whatever’s on your mind, or just sit back and listen to what other folks are saying. 

We also have affinity groups where folks in the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, parents, and people over 50 can come together and discuss their unique experiences and how they relate to their recovery. 

We also have a private 24/7 community platform, where you can post and discuss with other folks in the Soberlife.Me community.

About Core Membership

Core Membership is our annual membership plan.

We call it our “base plan” since you can add other levels of support onto it, but there’s nothing basic about it at all!

Here’s a little bit about how Core Membership can help you work towards an Drugs and Alcohol-free lifestyle:

You’ll start with Soberlife.Me Basics, a 7-day introduction to our foundational philosophy and empowering approach to recovery. This course is self-guided, so you can go at your own pace.

You’ll get access to new lessons, live workshops, and Q&As every week. We’ll explore topics like managing anxiety, depression,friendships, navigating holidays, and more.  

You’ll also have access to our on-demand Resource Library of over 30 courses on need-to-know topics, where you can check out all of our past lessons and videos.

You can join, discuss, and share your experiences in our support group calls we have available every week, as well as in our private online community space.

We’ll send you daily email affirmations to keep you inspired and motivated.

Need more help? Join our 4-week 1:1  accountability coaching program


Getting the added professional support you need to create S.M.A.R.T recovery goals to build a sustainable sobriety plan for life.

Learn More

Here’s how it works:

  • You'll build a solid foundation of structure, strategy, and 1:1 accountability and group coaching. 
  • You'll be responsible for each completing all weekly lessons and practicing the sober tools we will provide you with . 
  • We'll work through your greatest challenges and roadblocks to keep you on track and sober.

Each week’s curriculum is set up to help you create a solid foundation in sobriety:


The 5-Stages of Recovery, Getting Ready for Change


H.O.W.:  Becoming Honest, Open-Minded, and Willing, Reframing Your Life Story


Relapse Prevention: Triggers, Roadblocks, & Challenges to Staying Clean & Sober


Fixing The Past,

Rethinking Today: Fixing Your Past, Stop Worrying About the Future, Learn to Live One  day-at-a-time!


The time commitment for the four weeks of Intensive is usually around 5-8 hours a week, which includes the workshops and the support group meetings. But you’ll have access to your Intensive content for a full year, so you can always come back and review when you have more time!


  • You make the rules

    Dedicate just 10 minutes of your day to a workshop. Spend a quick 5 minutes exploring a meditation. Soberlife.Me is in your own time, at your own pace.
  • Proven success

    Soberlife.Me members get results. Within the first 90 days of Soberlife.Me, members report feeling 25% less anxious, 40% less lonely, and 50% more focused.
  • Lifelong support

    The Soberlife.Me Community will be there for you for life. This is a global network dedicated to staying recovered, deep mental, emotional, and soul healing, well-being, mindfulness, and peace. Our purpose is to serve.

Choosing Your Level of Support

Three powerful levels of profound change, learning, and support for life to choose from:

Monthly Membership: Get started today with our basic core recovery membership and let us love you until you can love yourself. We'll show you how to get started, and stay recovered, get happy, and clean-up your past for life.

1 : 1 Private Coaching And Accountability 4- week Intensive to help you set attainable goals with us and help you to ensure your sober recovery success.

Premium Membership for Life: Sober Living Academy, Coaching, Counseling, and 1 : 1 and Group Therapy to get you secure in your recovery, while helping you build the life of your dreams. "We'll always leave the lights on."

How to join Soberlife.Me Premium Membership

Now that you’ve done the hard part—deciding to change your relationship with Drugs and Alcohol—enrolling is actually super easy!

  1. Visit our membership page and choose either Core Membership, or Core Membership + Intensive.
  2. Choose your payment option. You can pick a monthly* payment plan, or pay all at once to get a discount. (*While billed monthly, Soberlife.Me Membership is an annual commitment.) 
  3. Start the onboarding process. Learn all about your plan, explore our on-demand library, check out our lessons, and join our live support calls, come say “hi” in our private online community!

We can’t wait to meet you.

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(In their own words)


“It was the exact experience I needed to change my life. I’d just made the decision to stop drinking and helped me to shift my thinking from stopping something to beginning so many other things in my life.”


- Jacqueline Member

"“I felt seen and known, and I knew I had found someplace special. It still brings tears to my eyes. I was being held by someone who didn’t treat me like they were the ‘helper’ and I was the ‘helped’, but instead everyone (at showed up with a fierce, transparent vulnerability.;"


-Jenny Member

"“ gave me a framework, the tools, and community to finally remove alcohol from my life for good. By removing the thing that was completely numbing me out I was able to step into my own power and own what I wanted out of life.”


- Miles Member

"“ didn’t change my relationship with alcohol, it changed my relationship with my entire life. Alcohol used to be my tool for dealing with things, and when I removed that I became a bundle of raw nerves. helped me relate to my humanity in an entirely new way and because of that my life is bigger and better than I had ever dreamed.”


- Stacy Member

"“What I learned through gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to stop drinking but more importantly, I learned ways to get after my best life. I gained a deep understanding of the myriad complexities of addiction, regardless of the substance or behaviour.”


- Robert Member

"“I needed a method of recovery that spoke my language, an approach that equipped me with ways to handle what I knew I was covering up with the drugs and alcohol to begin with. opened my eyes to a new way of living.”


-Christine Member

"“I used while I was in the scary, lonely, infant stages of sobriety. I can say with absolute confidence that it was worth every penny. is not just about getting sober, it is about changing your WHOLE life for the better.”


- Allison Member

"“I’d just made the decision to stop drinking and helped me to shift my thinking from stopping something to beginning so many other things in my life. It was the exact experience I needed to change my life.”


- Joe Member

Your sobriety journey starts here.