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Sobriety has changed my life. It’s hard for me to describe it without closing my eyes and getting a little emotional. It has changed every part of my being, the way that I move and the way that I communicate. And the way that I experience things, the way that I cultivate my relationships with people. The way that I decorate myself. It has changed everything for the better. I get to live with both sides of me, the ugly and the good. I can maneuver things and figure out what’s a good decision for me. The gray area just kind of becomes a little less. There’s a whole world that is so celebratory and celebrates you finding your truth. It’s a thing where you’ll say, “I’m a month sober,” and people will be like, Congratulations! That’s big. Or, like, four days sober. I’m like, That’s so major.

Good for you. There’s this whole movement of people. 

-Ana C.

3 things have Helped Me to Not Relapse, Stay Recovered, and Build an Amazing Life

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Get a Sobriety Coach

I think we all need a coach to believe in us and it's amazing how we surprise ourselves even when our little voice says..."I'm not good enough, I can't do this, and I can't make a full time income doing what I love"......

"It's the power of a coach that helps you navigate that voice and self imposed obstacles that stop you from living your dreams."

The first step is Getting Coaching from an expert like me. I save you time, headaches, and a fortune in your business.

Investing in a coach is the smartest investment anyone can make because YOU are really investing in YOU.

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Jeanne Shapiro

“Working deeply with a coach saved my life”

Alex Grant

“I got my wife, kids, and job back, and I finally feel free.”

Sharnee Brown

I'm learning how to live sober and really loving life now.

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You must get access to all the proven tools, strategies, tactics, and habit change routines that we know work, and will greatly accelerate your journey back to life, happiness, and wellbeing. When you begin walking the walk of sobriety, EVERYTHING changes and drugs and alcohol are no longer your masters.

We will show you how to find your deeper inner strength and truth - which is already there and waiting for you to access...

I hold NOTHING back when you work with me on a higher level.

If you're worried about whether you can stay sober, stop angsting and take action now, because this Recovery & Sober Living Academy works to transform your dread, fear, worry, and misery to total freedom without picking up.

PLUS, you have a Supportive Community of AMAZING coaches, counselors, wellness practitioners to support your recovery and quickly get back to a life you will love.

Whether you're looking to change your relationship with drugs and alcohol, or just change everything that is no longer working, this community is perfect for you.

Most people are lonely, isolated, and disconnected from their world. You will learn how this loving and supportive community can help you overcome your biggest challenges and find peace-of-mind and certainty.

Our community believes that when you know better, you can do better.

If you apply today, speak to a coach and If you're accepted into our community, We will go in the rocket ship together.

We will ONLY select a small group of new people and spots will go VERY VERY fast.

If you are serious about your recovery and want to fix your life now, then go apply now and be considered to become my next success story.

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More AMAZING stories of success...

Talia G.

I got sober two months after my mom died very suddenly. I’ve dealt with a lot of grief in my sobriety but I haven’t picked up a drink, and I think it’s because for some weird reason it feels better walking through it and feeling everything. And thank god I have this foundation and structure that’s keeping me afloat. I mean, it saves me. I wish that everyone could have these tools.

Anthony C. Hopkins

"I got a message — a little thought — that said, 'Do you want to live, or die?' I said, 'I want to live.' Suddenly the relief came, and my life has been amazing."

Michelle Dell

Facing a potential problem and getting sober is not an easy choice, but for millions of people each year it's a necessary one. I reached out to people who were recovering from addiction and asked them to be involved in a piece about their experiences with finding strength in sobriety. Addiction does not have to be the end of the road — it can actually be a life-changing beginning.

The BEST Science- and Evidence-based recovery and life healing programming & teaching that GETS RESULTS EVERY TIME.

Our Premium Sober Academy Can help you 10 x your recovery and help you achieve your goals FASTER

One good coach can change everything as it did for me. My recovery is back on track, I’m happy for the first time, and I found hope and wisdom each day in the Academy.

My partner and family are all healing along with me as I learn how to live differently and far better without a drink or drug.

These are the same healing and long-term recovery strategies that taught me how to live and not die, while creating a life of happiness and success I could have never dreams of while I was active.

Imagine where your RECOVERY would be 12 months from TODAY.

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Yes! I want my FREE coaching session


(In their own words)


"I’ve tried so many times, but Soberlife.Me helped me make it work. After 10 years in addiction, my kids finally call me ‘Daddy’ again."


- Jacqueline Member

"Soberlife.Me was the complete opposite of what I expected or had gone through in other programs. I found myself looking forward to classes and feeling the weight lifting off of my shoulders with every new day. This is where I learned to deal with my problems properly instead of running away. I learned that I mattered."


-Jenny Member

"Through the trusting care Mitch and his staff at at Soberlife.Me, I finally had the courage to go back and make peace with the demons inside me.


- Miles Member

"In just 30 days, my recovery coach helped me find a special person I didn’t realize lived inside of me.”


- Stacy Member

"I have been getting help at Soberlife.Me Academy for over four months. It has helped me tremendously deal with life and problems in a healthy way. I know I now belong, that I matter, and am worthy of love, and am finally good enough.  My life has changed for the better. .”


- Robert Member


"Addiction removes the power of choice. But once in treatment, those struggling with addiction are no longer powerless – with help, they are able to choose and maintain a life of recovery. Recovery is not easy – it’s just one step. It’s a choice we make every day.”


-Christine Member

"The program breaks down hurtful feelings that were buried inside. It helped my kids and me to express ourselves.”


- Allison Member

"I didn’t know what to expect from the Soberlife.Me program and I didn’t know how the program could help me. My teacher informed me that this program was a prevention and re-education program, designed to prevent students from abusing drugs and dropping out of school. I’m 19, I’m a senior and I’m almost out of school but I drink every now and then. With the help of this program and my group members I was able to set goals to work on that. Now instead of drinking to fit in, I am able to feel comfortable with myself of not fitting in, because the group I once felt that I needed to fit into, I now see I shouldn’t fit with them anyways…


- Joe Member