Sober Accountability Coaching

We don't do recovery or life alone. Setting small and achievable goals and helping you to reach them successfully is what we excel at. You can work 1:1 with our recovery specialists to craft an action plan that will keep you recovered, while you learn how to navigate life in healthier, happier, and more positive way -- without all the drama, negativity, and self-defeating attitudes and behavior and that can overwhelm us in early sobriety.

Our personalized, one-on-one sessions with your coach or counselor can help you make small, sustainable changes towards the Drugs and Alcohol-free lifestyle that’s create a strong and powerful foundation for staying recovered and getting happy.


You'll work 1:1 with your Accountability Life Coach for 30 minutes twice weekly for 4 weeks to review your progress and to help you  overcome roadblocks and challenges. 

Our team  will help you to your reframe your thinking, behavior, and negative attitudes to get you better results and accelerate your progress as you continue on your recovery journey.

Overcome big challenges blocking your recovery:

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD

Spirituality and inner life work

Overcoming fear & uncertainty

Building self-confidence, -esteem, and self-worth

Dysfunctional family, parenting and taking responsibility in recovery

Healing broken relationships, trauma, ending loneliness, building a strong support network


Inner child work & healing

Emotional and social sobriety

Dating and sexuality in recovery

Recovery and sobriety for 50+ adults

“Soberlife.Me Gave Me the Tools, Skills, and Self-Confidence To Stay Clean & Grow." 

"It's difficult for me to describe it without closing my eyes and getting a little emotional. It has changed every part of my being, the way that I move and the way that I communicate. And the way that I experience things, the way that I cultivate my relationships with people. The way that I decorate myself. It has changed everything for the better. I get to live with both sides of me, the ugly and the good. I can maneuver things and figure out what’s a good decision for me. The gray area just kind of becomes a little less. There’s a whole world that is so celebratory and celebrates you finding your truth. It’s a thing where you’ll say, “I’m a month sober,” and people will be like, Congratulations! That’s big. Or, like, four days sober. I’m like, That’s so major. Good for you. There’s this whole movement of people.


Madison, Soberlife.Me Member

It's time to change your story for good. 


(In their own words)


"I’ve tried so many times, but Soberlife.Me helped me make it work. After 10 years in addiction, my kids finally call me ‘Daddy’ again."


- Jacqueline Member

"Soberlife.Me was the complete opposite of what I expected or had gone through in other programs. I found myself looking forward to classes and feeling the weight lifting off of my shoulders with every new day. This is where I learned to deal with my problems properly instead of running away. I learned that I mattered."


-Jenny Member

"Through the trusting care Mitch and his staff at at Soberlife.Me, I finally had the courage to go back and make peace with the demons inside me.


- Miles Member

"In just 30 days, my recovery coach helped me find a special person I didn’t realize lived inside of me.”


- Stacy Member

"I have been getting help at Soberlife.Me Academy for over four months. It has helped me tremendously deal with life and problems in a healthy way. I know I now belong, that I matter, and am worthy of love, and am finally good enough.  My life has changed for the better. .”


- Robert Member


"Addiction removes the power of choice. But once in treatment, those struggling with addiction are no longer powerless – with help, they are able to choose and maintain a life of recovery. Recovery is not easy – it’s just one step. It’s a choice we make every day.”


-Christine Member

"The program breaks down hurtful feelings that were buried inside. It helped my kids and me to express ourselves.”


- Allison Member

"I didn’t know what to expect from the Soberlife.Me program and I didn’t know how the program could help me. My teacher informed me that this program was a prevention and re-education program, designed to prevent students from abusing drugs and dropping out of school. I’m 19, I’m a senior and I’m almost out of school but I drink every now and then. With the help of this program and my group members I was able to set goals to work on that. Now instead of drinking to fit in, I am able to feel comfortable with myself of not fitting in, because the group I once felt that I needed to fit into, I now see I shouldn’t fit with them anyways…


- Joe Member

Your sober life starts here.


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