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We'll teach you to stay recovered, create super sobriety, and find the happiness and success you deserve...

Are you struggling to stay clean and sober -- always worrying that you might relapse?

Are you sick and tired of feeling miserable, lonely, and unhappy -- wishing there was more to your sobriety than just staying stopped?

Putting down the drink and/or drug is just the beginning:

The truth is, while while getting clean and sober can be a huge “win,” staying sober and getting happy requires us to change our whole self -- mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Welcome to Soberlife.Me...

Your complete digital recovery and sober accountability academy where you’ll learn how to stay recovered, build emotional and social  sobriety, and deal with your mental health and wellness challenges -- all while creating a more confident, stronger, happier you -- without the dread, fear, and anxiety of relapse and continued life struggle.

Heal your mental and emotional life, learn to love yourself and others, conquer codependency and protect yourself from toxic people, heal your past childhood and life trauma, and discover how the science of happiness, self-care, stress  management, and reframing your life story to the positive from the negative, can create the kind of life you really want without the dread, fear, and worry of a relapse.

Our skilled, loving, and non-judgmental community of sober and mental health coaches, counselors, and teachers will help you to...

Create a crystal clear vision and action plan for the kind of life you’d like to have.

Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your sobriety and success.

You’ll find hope and feel renewed, supported, and reenergized to succeed in your recovery.

Stop the insanity, guilt, shame, remorse, and self-loathing of living all alone in isolation, and jumpstart your new life today. We're ready to show you how...

Get results now by starting your sober life and creating next-level sobriety with Mitch & Renee


Discover the love, friendship, and connection that will nurture, support, and help you thrive in all areas of your life.

Take charge of your life, sobriety, and wellbeing by learning the critical life skills that will set you free from your old self and empower you to build the life of your dreams without using.

Build life-long connections, find loving support, and create authentic happiness. Soberlife.Me gives you a crystal clear blueprint, the proven tools, and unwavering support you’ll need for life.

Master your spiritual, mental, emotional, and social intelligence - and become empowered to do anything that you set your mind to without picking up. WELCOME HOME!



Soberlife.Me bridges you back after rehab/detox to the real YOU by learning the sober secrets to living happily with wellbeing without using.

Learn more about Soberlife.Me with Mitch & Renee!

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Recovery & Accountability Coaching, Counseling, & Life Skills Academy

Become Your Best Self with Stress Management, Mindfulness, Meditation & Self-Care.

  • Access Soberlife.Me courses, wellness tutorials, and results life coaching to elevate every part of your life.
  • Reframe your life and sobriety with expert counseling to change the way you think and help you grow faster.
  • Heal your relationships with  family, friends, partners, and yourself

Transformational Social & Emotional Learning.

  • Improve self-management, build resilience, and learn the skills to
    improve relationships and decision-making..
  • Discover self-love, empathy and compassion by creating deep & meaningful connections, developing resilience and the skills and tools to manage emotions.

  • Helps you manage triggers, urges, and cravings.

  • Reduces anxiety, lowers depression, less substance abuse, lower incarceration, fewer divorces, suicides, loneliness, and deaths of dread.

  •  Studies have shown that the consistent instruction of Social & Emotional Learning programs in recovery can help treat the source of social and emotional issues, before they become a problem.

The Soberlife.Me fellowship is a worldwide network of  support, shared goals, friendships, where helping others makes you feel worthy.

  • Meet people who struggle with addiction and mental health challenges like who have been where you are and know how to help.
  • Attend online and in-person meetings worldwide.
  • Join a welcoming and supportive community of peer members who value sobriety, strong mental and emotional health and well-being.

Access Mitch & Renee’s collection of workshops results coaching for your mind, body and soul.

When you join the Soberlife.Me Community, you can experience results such as this:

Become the best sober and happier you.

Science- and evidence-based RESULTS that last: 1 year of Mitch & Renee’s Soberlife.Me increases overall sober success and happines by 70%

Develop mindfulness, self-care, and life skills.

90 days of Mitch & Renee’s Soberlife.Me improves total wellbeing by 100%

Choose your path.

90 days of Mitch & Renee’s Soberlife.Me helps you to increase meaning and purpose by 70%

Develop inner peace/Reconnect with your soul and purpose.

1 year of Mitch & Renee’s Soberlife.Me reduces stress & anxiety by 75%

Create deeper connection and friendship.

90 days of Mitch & Renee’s Soberlife.Me reduces loneliness by 40%

Recognize your self-worth and build self-confidence and self-esteem.

1 year of Mitch & Renee’s Soberlife.Me improves sober happiness and success by 100%

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Mitch & Renee’s Soberlife.Me Coaching and Academy.

Choose the Soberlife.Me plan that’s right for you.

Sober Living Premium Academy

Complete Recovery, Life Skills, & Mental Health Training
Book a Free Discovery Call below to see if you're a good fit.
  • Recovery Blueprint & Action Plan
  • 1:1 and Group Recovery, Therapy, & Accountability Coaching
  • Recovery and Sober Life Toolkit
  • Guided Mediation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Chill Vault Stress Management Academy
  • Mental Health & Wellness Skills Training
  • Creating a Spiritual Journey & Life
  • Codependency No More Classes
  • Self-Confidence, Self Worth, Self-Esteem Classes
  • Healing Your Inner Child and Toxic Relationships
  • Lonely No More: How to Make Friends for Life
  • Science of Happiness/Wellbeing Academy
  • How to Manage Your Emotions/Social Skills Academy
  • Relationship & Family Counseling
  • Over 30 additional Sober Living and Mental/Emotional Health courses
  • Career Development/Resume Writing





Build Strong Sobriety, Mental Health, and Thrive With Happiness

Get the tools you need to stop drinking through expert-led lessons, a supportive community, and guidance from our Care Team.

  • 35+ weekly support group meetings
  • Live workshops and study groups
  • Practical tips and daily motivation

Sober Coaching & Counseling

Community, Connection, Care
4 sessions for $299 +$39/Month for Membership

Get the tools you need to get and stay sober, prevent relapse, and find happiness & peace-f-mind through expert-led lessons, a supportive community, and guidance from our Recovery Team.

  • 35+ weekly support group meetings
  • Live workshops and study groups
  • Practical tips and daily motivation


John Casano – CEO Strike Labs, Fintech Success Story

“The Absolute Best and Most Comprehensive Recovery & Sober Living Training I’ve Ever Experienced. This Complete Course Will Change The Way You Think About Success and Help You Become A Better, More Accomplished, Resilient, and Seasoned Individual!”

John Roberts -Top Anxiety & ADHD Business Coach/NYT’s Bestselling Author

“Mitch is a master at helping serious people and in recovery and success-driven people succeed with success-infused wellness. Not only is Mitch incredibly insightful and his coaching spot-on effective, but he comes from the heart!”

Kathryn Binder, Founder of Zenesty Health Care, LLC

"If you are looking to get right with your recovery and life in these crazy and uncertain times, this course will help you navigate a more successful way to live and work."

Jack Schweibel - C.E.O., UTAB.COM Analytics

“All work and no play or fun makes for a boring existence. It’s no way to live.  Mitch’s & Renee’s courses and coaching has helped me rethink how to live my life and pay attention to the things that I always took for granted.  Thank You, Mitch”

Sasha G.

"Last year, I shared my personal anxiety struggles with my friends.  I talked about the importance of self-love and acceptance. I wrote that I accepted where I was and what I had been through. Looking back, I was a little ahead of myself. Acceptance for me is truly a journey. Vital, but never-ending. Mitch introduced me to the Sober Tool Kit and I accepted the challenge. It has reframed my life and the progress I have made is truly remarkable."

Renee K

“My brother’s recent suicide during the Covid-19 pandemic devastated me and my family.  While we both struggled with anxiety and depression, I had no warning. What his death has taught me is that I have to do whatever it takes to turn my pain and struggle into a good life. With Mitch’s help, I have begun to turn my brother’s tragedy into redemption and hope that I and others don’t have to do the same. There is freedom and well-being for me along with love and acceptance. Thank you!"


“This course was so outstanding and eye-opening. ! I was able to change into a more positive and proactive mindset and get a handle on my negative self-talk. In fact, I made my husband take the course as well and it’s helped heal our stressed out way of living. We both highly recommend it to everyone regardless of your profession or background”


- Rachel Smith Preston Member

"I’ve become so much more focused and clear about building my business and balancing out my family life that I never thought I could get these kinds of results so fast." Taking Mitch's program has improved my life!"


Chairman of Start-up Capital, LLC

"We use The Mental Wellness Bootcamp to train all of our employees. It has changed everyone’s awareness of stress, overwhelm and burnout, and what we must practice to create more harmony. This is the first time I have felt comfortable talking about my anxiety and depression to another person and I don’t feel there’s such a stigma anymore. Everyone seems to go through tough times at work and home. This is a better way!"


Co-founder, Creative Digital Marketing, LLC

"The quality that Mitch and his team bring to the bootcamp is outstanding - it's worked so well for me and the personal interaction with Mitch and other students made for such a high-quality experience. Understanding my WHY and how to take care of all the parts of myself has been a game changer."


Creator, Squadhelp Athletics Corp.

"I have just completed Lesson 10, and this alone made the course worthwhile. During the last couple of years I have really struggled to find any balance in my life. I was so unaware of the level of my burnout and depression that I was running my practice blind. I feel that I have been given a gift of well-being and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel."


Founder of Zenesty Health Care, LLC

"If you are looking to get right with your life and business in these crazy and uncertain times, this bootcamp will help you navigate a more successful way to live and work."


“Top Producer” Education Technology Generator'

"“I used while I was in the scary, lonely, infant stages of sobriety. I can say with absolute confidence that it was worth every penny. is not just about getting sober, it is about changing your WHOLE life for the better.”


- Allison Member

"I am just starting a new business and this is just what the doctor ordered. I already feel that it has improved the quality of my life and has helped me rationalize the huge investment in my future!!"


C.E.O., UTAB.COM Analytics

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Results Coaching

  • Receive one-on-one coaching on a weekly basis for self-work and growth.
  • Transform all areas of your sobriety and life by engaging in our various sobriety and life skills, and healing sessions.

Proven success

Soberlife.Me members get results. Within the first 90 days of Soberlife.Me, members report feeling 30% less anxious, 70% less lonely, and 100% more sober.

Life Long Support

The Soberlife.Me Community will be there for you for life. This is a global network dedicated to well-being, mindfulness, and peace. Our purpose is to heal and serve.



Putting sobriety, mental health, life skills, and self-care at your fingertips.

  • Soberlife.Me makes sobriety and well-being accessible and convenient.
  • Release anxiety, build self-awareness, and mend relationships.
  • Take care of your mental and emotional health whenever you need.
  • Listen to Mitch & Renee’s workshops throughout your day, just as you would your favorite podcast.

Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this website is intended to provide health care advice. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider. The safety and security of our members is our top priority. Individual results may vary.  Our guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with any of your subscriptions, AND you show that you have done all the work required of you within 30 calendar days of purchase, we will happily consider any refund requests.